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In 2008, PFCD is celebrated their 10th Anniversary. Many things have been accomplished over the past ten years, some things are easy to recognize and some are a little more elusive; such as opening up communication between partners, increasing cooperation and understanding among competing agencies and many more groups working together toward a common goal. 

Below is a brief list of more visible accomplishments of the partnership.

 Bradford County Dental Clinic
Alternative Consequences Program
Voluntary Drug Testing in the school districts
 Funding for Treatment Court, Re-Entry Process and CJAB Strategic Planning Process
 Nurse-Family Partnership
Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol

PFCD is organized and became incorporated as a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation under the Pennsylvania Non-profit Corporation Law on August 31, 1998. On October 23, 1998 the Partners applied for and later received Recognition of Exemption under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Partners in Family & Community Development also received designation as a SHIP partner by the PA Department of Health. SHIP stands for State Health Improvement Plan, which was created to bring about changes in the health of our communities through collaborative efforts of health and prevention focused agencies.

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Partners in Family & Community Development (PFCD)