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The membership of the Partnership may form whatever committees or task groups it deems necessary to perform its duties and accomplish its goals. The number of task groups operating at any time remains fluid depending on the needs in the county, resources and opportunities available to the group. It is anticipated that issues will surface in the community that impact the welfare of its residents and whose solutions fit into accomplishing the vision, mission, and goals of the Collaborative. Groups interested in working on these issues will see PFCD as an umbrella organization that can assist Partners in achieving objectives for the common good of the county. Presently, task groups have been formed to work on these major areas – Poverty, Teen Pregnancy Prevention, and Communities That Care. These task groups will function as working planning groups whose primary goal is to:

Primary Goal: Identify gaps in services and ways to close those gaps effectively.

Steps to Reach this Goal:
• Collection of measurable baseline data (most important step)
• Identify research based effective prevention programs
• Identify agency or agencies most capable of filling the gaps identified
• Identify funding opportunities necessary to make the changes that were identified.
• Follow-Up and collection of measurable data to ensure that these programs are effective and accomplishing the goals that have been set forth.

Task Group Leadership:
These positions must be completely spelled out by the end of June of each year. This includes a schedule for each month which identifies the Facilitator and Recording Secretary.

Time Commitment: 2 months
Responsibilities: Steer the discussion of the group to meet the requirements of the agenda. Keep the discussion on track and meaningful. Clarify assignments of each member before closing the meeting. Mediate any disagreements for the good of those we serve.

Recording Secretary:
Time Commitment: 2 months
Responsibilities: Take notes at the meeting, type up minutes and email to PFCD office within a week of the meeting. An email notice with attached minutes will be sent out 1 week prior to the meeting by the PFCD office staff.

Time Commitment: 1 year
Responsibilities: Attend all task group meetings. Create the agenda for each meeting in alignment with the responsibilities of the task group. Share information on the progress of each task group with PFCD’s Executive Director and Board of Directors. Guide the task group through the process in order to reach the defined outcomes.

NOTE: Consistency is very important.

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