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Communities That Care

Communities That Care, commonly referred to as CTC is a process that empowers community members to work together toward a common goal: the healthy development of youth. CTC provides the tools we need to make the right decisions for our youth. The process guides us in selecting the tested, effective programs, policies and practices that best meets the specific challenges our community faces. CTC was developed by Dr. J. David Hawkins and Dr. Richard F. Catalano of the University of Washington's Social Development Research Group.

Bradford County CTC - Vision
All Bradford County residents will be happy, healthy, safe and productive. (shared with PFCD)

Bradford County CTC - Mission
Using prevention education to reduce the use of alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs and other substances while increasing positive youth development.

CTC focuses on five problem behaviors

Substance Abuse
School Drop-Out
 Teen Pregnancy

Based on data collected from the PA Youth Survey, Bradford County CTC's two priority Risk Factors that have been identified are:
 Community Laws and Norms Favorable toward Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug use.
Family Management Problems

The Protective Factors in Bradford County which need to be improved include:
Family Attachment

Bradford County Risk & Resource Assessment -
The Bradford County Communities That Care updated and revised their Risk and Resource Assessment in 2015. This assessment takes into consideration how each of the above risk factors were chosen and what resources are currently available in Bradford County to address those risks. This assessment tool is used to identify the gaps in services and programs so that as a coalition we can develop solutions and implement programs that will decrease these risk factors. For a full copy of the 2015 Risk & Resource Assessment report, click here.

Bradford County Action Plan - The Bradford County Communities That Care then used their Risk and Resource Assessment to develop a logic model. This logic model is the plan that the coalition will follow in order to address the high risk factors and the low protective factors that are prevalent in Bradford County.

Bradford County CTC Accomplishments
RAMP Training
Law Enforcement Training

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