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Poverty Task Group

The Poverty Task Group is made up of representatives from non-profit agencies, human services agencies, institutes of higher learner, schools, businesses and faith-based programs. The task group has taken on a dual role. As they have done for more than ten year,s the task group offers financial assistance to Bradford County residents who have a need related to obtaining or maintaining employment. However, in the past few years, the task group has also been trying to identify gaps in services and resources that inhibit families from becoming self-sustaining.

Financial Assistance
Do you need Financial Assistance? Is your need related to maintaining or obtaining employment?
We may be able to help you.

Acceptable Referrals: (include but are not limited to the following)
 Required work clothing - uniforms, safety glasses, or boots
Pre-employment physical
GED fees
Auto repair, insurance, registration, inspection

How it works:
Referrals for assistance must be submitted by an agency or employer on behalf of the applicant, using the Poverty Application Form.

A representative of the referring agency/employer must present the needs of the applicant to the Poverty Task Group members and answers questions at a monthly meeting. The referring agency/employer is also required to complete a 6 and 12 month follow-up on the individual if they receive assistance.

If approved - funds will be directly dispersed to the service provider not the applicant.

Poverty Action Plan
Poverty Task Group is also working on the underlying issues that hold families in Poverty. The Poverty Task Group developed a plan that included evaluating the available resources and services in the County, educating the public and service providers and implement programs and services that would assist families in becoming self-sufficient.

Task Group Accomplishments
"Building Bridges out of Poverty" Conference - April 2009, we hosted a "Building Bridges out of Poverty" Conference with 166 participants. The trainer, was also the co-author of the book "Building Bridges out of Poverty", Terrie Druessi-Smith.

Poverty Simulation - we hosted a simulation; which allowed participants to role play as a person who lives in Poverty for four "simulated" weeks. The roles included young single mothers, young men out of prison, elderly, divorced parents raising children and caring for parents. Below are pictures from that Poverty Simulation - it was a great experience for all!

 Poverty Simulation
 Role Playing - single mother
seeking assistance
 Role Playing - students
attending school

The Poverty Task Group is also trying to identify the "Nasty Nine" in Bradford County so that they can develop other services which will help low-income families avoid these money traps.

Task Group Meets: see Calendar / Meeting Dates

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