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Teen Pregnancy Prevention

The Teen Pregnancy Prevention Task Group's goal is to decrease by 10% the number of live births to teenage girls less than 17 years of age by 2015.

Steps to reach this goal:
Increase the number of family planning services throughout Bradford County.
Implement a comprehensive, research-based sex education program that is consistent in all of the school districts in Bradford County.
 Empower parents to talk with their children about sex and the consequences of unprotected sex.
Bring an STD clinic to Bradford County.

Did you know?
19 girls in Bradford County under the age of 17 gave birth in 2005 (PA Department of Health data).
 1 in 4 people nationwide have a Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) and Bradford County does not have a free STD testing site (PA Department of Health data).
 Teen childbearing costs U.S. taxpayers at least $9.1 billion annually*
 10% of all 13-year-olds have had sexual intercourse.*
 50% of all teenagers have had sex by the time they enter 10th grade.*
One in every five teenage girls will become pregnant during high school.
 Half of all teenagers don't believe that oral sex is sex.*
 By the time they finish high school, two-thirds of all young adults will have become sexually active.*
*(The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy)

Teens said that parents influence their decisions about sex even more strongly than friends, religious leaders, and teachers so......
 Parents talk to your children!
 Parents maintain a positive and close relationship with your teen.
 Parents discuss sex, love and relationships with your honest
 Supervise your children, know who they are with and set curfews
 Parents know who your son or daughter is dating, remember age difference between partners of two years or more is a risk factor for early sex and pregnancy.
 Remember, teens need health care but not the same type of health care as when they were toddlers or in grade school.

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