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IM4Q (Independent Monitoring for Quality)

IM4Q is a state wide initiative sponsored by the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Program. IM4Q is designed to:
Provide information about life outcomes of consumers of service
Identify best practices
Continuously improve the quality of services and supports provided to persons who are disabled.

Information about consumers is gathered through interviews. Both consumers and family members are asked questions about the supports and services they receive as well as their satisfaction levels and their quality of life.  The interview is based on a standardized questionnaire provided by the State.

How will IM4Q help?
Information obtained from consumer and family surveys will be used to identify what outcomes can be achieved in a variety of ways, settings and living arrangements.  IM4Q also provides us with a system to benchmark achievements against state norms, thereby providing a mechanism for continuous improvement of standards.

Who participates in IM4Q?
Each year the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs selects a random sample of consumers from both counties to be interviewed during the course of the year.

What happens at an IM4Q visit?

1. First the consumer is contacted and an appointment is made.
2. Then a team of two monitors will come to the consumer's residency and conduct the interview; the monitors will take a tour of the residence.
3. Following the interview, the monitors discuss the visit and the Team Leader completes the forms that provide feedback to the County and State Offices.  If the monitors have any concerns about the consumer or the situation these are identified.

Who can be an IM4Q Monitor?
Monitors can be consumers of MR services, family members of individuals who are disabled, or any other interested community member.
Monitors may not have any conflict of interest that could interfere with or influence their judgement. 
Monitors are required to attend training that will address issues such as confidentiality, role of the monitor, informed consent, and review of the survey instrument.
In addition, a criminal check has to be done and returned with a favorable status before a person can become a monitor.
How to learn more!

 Melissa Sentiff, IM4Q Team Leader
Partners in Family & Community Development
4 Bridge Street
Towanda, PA 18848
(570) 265-6246 phone
1-866-434-4874 toll free

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